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Above Floor Wheel Lathes are a CNC double-saddle special-purpose lathe designed for reprofiling of wheels and brake discs used in rail vehicles. The machine tool ensures productive machining of solid (monoblock) wheels and wheels with tyres of both used and new wheelsets. The wheelsets can be provided with outboard axle boxes, gears installed between the wheels and brake discs. The wheelset is rolled onto the built-in wheelset elevator along rails, automatically centred and clamped in centres and driving dogs installed on spindle face plates.

UFL Tandem.PNG


Underfloor Wheel Lathes are a CNC double-saddle special-purpose lathe, designed for the machining of wheelsets used in rail vehicles either in a single or tandem configuration. Its main application is reconditioning of wheel profiles and brake discs of light rail transit system vehicles (trams, metro, commuter) without dismantling of wheelsets from the vehicles. This significantly shortens the shutdown time of vehicles and thus increases the efficiency of their exploitation. Reprofiling of single wheelsets or bogies dismantled from vehicles is also possible. The machine is installed on a pit-type foundation (below the traffic rails), which ensures its operation in a roll-through system.

Rafamet CNC Miller.PNG


Single-column CNC vertical turning & boring mill is designed for machining of railway wheels. The machine tool can perform the following turning operations controlled by CNC program:

  • Wheel hub fine boring

  • Hub facing

  • Chamfering

  • Machining of solid wheels.

  • Machining of wheel centres.

  • Boring of tyres.

  • Drilling of assist oil injection holes in wheel hubs.

For wheel production purposes a double rail head version of increased productivity can be provided.

Axel Lathe.PNG


Special-purpose horizontal lathes designed for turning of Railway wheelset axles. The application of the latest CNC system allows for automatic, precise and productive workpiece machining according to technological program. The machine tool enables to perform both rough and finish machining of worn and new axles.The Axle Lathe is capable of the following operations:

  • Tuning of outboard and inboard journals

  • Turning of axle body, wheel seats and dust-shield collars

  • Turning of radii, roundings and chamfering

  • Burnishing of outboard and inboard journals, axle body, radii, wheel seats and dust-shield collars

  • Axle facing and centering

  • Drilling and tapping of axle faces

Bogie Miller.PNG


he GMC 400 CNC Gantry Milling Machine is designed for machining of the complex workpieces. It can be used to perform different operations on rolling stock bogie frames. The GMC 400 CNC is capable of the following:

  • 3D milling.

  • Drilling.

  • Reaming.

  • Boring.

  • Threading, envelope threading (helical motion) in all machining planes, i.e. XY, YZ, XZ

The application of the CNC system provides automatic and productive machining controlled by technological program. The ram spindle and tool head are provided with ISO-50 taper which enables automatic tool clamping and releasing, as well as cooperating with tool magazine

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Wheelset Presses.PNG


We offer a wide variety of wheelset assembly and disassembly presses, from the simpliest version with one cylinder for applications of low productivity demand to fully automated configurations with two cylinders and rich material handling equipment for high-output works, including technological lines.
The pressing process is controlled by an electronic system with reading of pressing force and print-out of reports according to applicable standards.

Shunting Equipment.PNG


The 3RS Rail-Road Shunter is designed for shunting / manoeuvring of the rolling stock of maximum total mass up to 350 tonnes. The shunter moves on rails and flat surfaces of e.g. production workshops, manoeuvring areas, loading platforms within enclosed industrial facilities (railways, metro, tram depot, ports, etc.). The 3RS hunter can be used as auxiliary equipment for Undefloor Wheel Lathe.
The 3RS Shunter is driven by four (4) wheels with tyres of abrasion resistant polyurethane. Each wheel is provided with own drive consisting of AC motor and gear transmission making it possible to rotate around their axes.
In the rail mode the 3RS shunter is guided on the rails by means of four (4) hydraulically lowered and lifted steel wheels. In order to ensure unobstructed operations while towing and spotting the vehicles over an Underfloor Wheel Lathe, there is a separate set of four (4) lowered and lifted guiding wheels installed between the driving wheels. In the road mode the guiding wheels are lifted.

Other Equipment.PNG


In addition to the wide range of machines for Railways, we also offer a variety of equipment for use in depot and workshops of rolling stock manufacturers.

Wheelset / bogie turntables

  • Maximum weight of wheelset / bogie – 5 / 10 tonnes.

  • Rotation by ±90 / 180 / 270 or n × 360 deg.

  • Manually operated or fully automatic control.

  • Wheelset ejector

Winching systems

  • Installed in pit foundation along rails below floor level.

  • Maximum weight of vehicle to tow – 400 tonnes

  • Maximum speed of vehicle towing – 6 m/min

Plant for installation of floors in passenger cars UPP 240

  • Radical reduction of floor assembly time.

  • Maximum length of floor – 24,000 mm

  • Maximum weight of floor – 1,000 kg

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