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IES All Electric Endformers

Addison Forming Technologies has a partnership with Innovative Engineered Solutions Inc (iES®), whereby Addison Forming exclusively distributes and support iES’s product range in Europe and non-exclusively in other regions globally outside of North & South America. Addison Forming located in Preston, United Kingdom is a leading global solutions provider of tube bending technology, tooling, automation, robotics and process support for a wide range of tube bending and forming applications in the automotive, aerospace and nuclear industries supplying complete turnkey packages and modular cells for high integrity, volume production. iES, located in Ohio, USA are a dynamic and rapidly expanding high quality manufacturer of end forming machines and tooling for tube end expanding, reducing, sizing, notching, trimming and perforating as well as a supplier of hydraulic and all electric servo-presses who pride themselves on their commitment to quality, responsiveness, on-time delivery and complete customer satisfaction.


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Telephone us +44(0)1772 334511



telephone: +1 937 382 6710


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