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Design Services at Trufab Technologies Ltd

From consulting and the metal fabrication process to finishing and polishing, our specialist team can create high-quality, bespoke items to meet your exact requirements. Here at Trufab Technologies Ltd, we offer a selection of design services to ensure your end product is the best it can be. The purpose of the design process is to ensure everyone is on the same page before the product goes into the manufacturing stage. This way, you can tell us what you want and our team of experts will be able to provide high-value feedback, informing you of what’s possible, or if there’s anything else that can be done you may have overlooked. This is extremely beneficial as it’ll help to keep the cost down and create a quicker turnaround. Alongside our team and machinery at our in-house Greater Manchester facility, we also have state-of-the-art software to make the design process as smooth as possible. This includes 3D programming software that’s capable of CAD and CAM design to ensure your product is perfect before it’s made.

To find out more, please: Visit our website: Telephone: 01706860078 Email us:

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