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Min. Tube outside diameter: 18 mm

Max. Tube outside diameter: 152.4 mm

Max. Mandrel Length: 4000 mm

The MBE - MRE models are multi-stack electrically & hydraulically controlled benders that allow full control of the stack positions when 3D bending or rolling tubes and profiles. The machine is supplied with electrical drive in B, C, X and Y axes (tube rotation, bending, transverse shift of the bending head, and tube shift) whilst clamping elements and the vertical shift of the bending head (tool exchange) is driven hydraulically. Additionally the machines comes equipped with automatic mandrel lubrication. It is possible to fit the machine with two different bending tools or alternatively the bending tool and pulleys for the rolling of big arches. Machine control is via a control panel with a touch display located on a portable stand.


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